Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

Happy New Year! And HELP!

Happy New Year to everbody passing by!
Since months I´m busy in planning my wedding in the Philippines, but I´m caught in Germany.
By now the church is reserved, I´ve found my wedding gown, our wedding rings and all the small things that you need on you special day.
My shoes are ordered at net-a-porter and I´m waiting for their arrival.
My last vehement challenge is to lose some weight, at least 8 pounds!
Normally I do lose some when I quit eating carbohydrates; but it´s the coldest winter I can remember and my body is screaming for food!
Does somebody has a really good hint what to do to reduce some weight within 2 weeks!?! Then will be the fitting for my gown.. Please?


  1.'ve to drink 3 liters (and not more)! that's the best method to loose weight.

    wedding in the philippines sounds more than great! wish you all the best!

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  2. ahhh when will it be babycakes? and is your wedding dress from vera wang?

    sorry can´t help you with the losing weight problems. ;( i am having problems myself! LOL

    xoxo Mode Junkie ♥

  3. No, unfortunately not a Vera Wang due to the fact that the new collection will just arrive at the end of January and my civil marriage will be in February. But the dress I chose is quite similar to the one from Wang, so no problem at all.

    But the shoes will be from Louboutin as I wished (red soles are so hot!) ;o)

    Oh, honey, would you like to join? No matter whether Germany or the Phils (church wedding will be on 2nd of April in San Agustin, Intramuros), just tell me!