Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Eshramo in Bad Zwischahn

Today we went to the Eshramo in Bad Zwischenahn, approximately 40 km from Wilhelmshaven away. The service was really fantastic ( I know what I´m talking about!), the wine was great and the menu at this evening offered everything we could desire.

We truly had some awesome dinner!:

wild garlic soup with some lamb - fried goat cheese with filet of a quail and some pieplant

organic beef with corn and calf cheek - Saltimbocca of a calf with chanterelles

variation of desserts

Due to Adamo not one bit of photographing was allowed :o(
but here´s my outfit at home ;o)

Dress: Sinéquanone

Jeans: Boss Orange

Sandals: miu miu


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