Mittwoch, 10. März 2010


Adamo and me are planning to marry for a long time now, but things need to get more concrete. And what´s the first thing a future bridal thinks of?:

!!! The bridal dress !!!

Still I´m swaying between a Vera Wang dress or to be more loyal to a designer of my second origin:

The Filipina designer Veluz Reyes with her romantic and oppulent embroidered wedding dresses:

photos taken from Miss Reyes´blog:

Facts by now:
Our civil marriage is going to be in Germany
The church wedding will be in Manila, Philippines

Date: March/April 2011

So friends: Save some money for the flight to the country of our dreams,
don´t worry about board and lodging!


  1. OMG! Ich MUSS irgendwie dabei sein! Hat er dich endlich gefragt?... ;O)

  2. OMG babe. so happy for you. i´d say go for vera wang. then a nice dress after the wedding by veluz reyes. ;)

    where in pinas are you getting married?