Samstag, 2. Januar 2010

Outfit of the day

Dress: Christopher Kane for topshop

Question: !!

Should I wear glasses or not?

I´m wearing these Fendi glasses for a long time now and they are my favourite ones. But you can imagine that wearing them everyday wore them out. The problem is that I cannot find really good alternatives.

That´s why I´m thinking about using contact lenses, what do you guys think?

On the one hand I look more friendly without glasses but on the other hand these glasses detract attention from my moon face. What shall I do?!


  1. i say go for contacts and give me those stella mccartney heels! okthanksbye!

  2. This dress is terrific! Love the outfit!

    happy 2010 :D!

  3. You look good with or without the glasses. With glasses, it makes you more professional and serious. Without it, you look a true woman who would sit and just have fun. Wearing contact lenses is a good alternative if you feel bothered with the glasses. There's nothing wrong with any of your choices - juicy coutour

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