Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

To be beloved by all

or: go trough the stony way with personal conflicts?

It´s hard to find the right path in life that you want to tread. As long as I went to school and also during my studies I always was someone who got along with everybody, never rubbed somebody the wrong way.

But since I´ve started working and got to know really different kinds of people with different characters, from different places or with a different faith I had to think about my inner part of an innocent girl, being friendly to everybody, just to be liked. Every day I agonize what every single person I meet at the day might have been thinking about me. Especially when I fail or my team is failing I almost become insane. Maybe two years ago nobody recognized when I got angry about that. But then I realized that this had to stop: Everything I bottled up inside corroded me likewise. So:

First be the beloved one and enjoy your life! Then:

Get mature, wake up and
kick ass if necessary!

Gogo Yubari by Kill Bill

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  1. Yeahr! Go Baby! Du hast so recht und ich weiß was Du meinst- "Raus aus der Mädchenfalle!"