Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Nice neighbors - or: What the fuck?!

Really, I like flowers and plants, trees and all of the flora and fauna.
I really do.
But not the way my neighbors do:

I didn´t say anything when they temporarily stored their garbage in the hall with some smell I almost pughed from (I really almost did!!). I didn´t complain when there was a little flower standing there. But during the last week this jungle increased and I´m feeling threatend by some ignorant neighbors.


Outfit of the day

dress: H&M

belt: Madonna H&M

tights: asos

pumps: Missoni

Of course I had to shop this tights á la Chanel from Asos. Everybody confirmed that I had beautiful long legs (I´m such a cheater with these tights!). I was so glad that I ordered these must haves some months ago!

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Outfit of the day

I was in a hurry to be ready in time to have some dinner with my friend Jessica; but some time for a quick outfit check was left:

jacket: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
(from shoes and your mom)

whole outfit: H&M and stuff

bag: miu miu

This year I really fell in love with shorts in various cuts and patterns. I don´t want to leave them just because it´s winter..

Grilled sweet corn, yummy

Black Angus 300gr., just enough to live ;o)

Jessica was (eating) the lamb..

By the way:

My boyfriend presented me this bangle made of rose gold with a white gold detail, pimped up with diamonds.

Why I deserved that?! ;o)

The ring is a current present from my mom.
The story of this ring is that she thought she lost it. When she recieved it back she was so glad and I felt so happy with her. My luck was that the ring doesn´t fit her anymore so that I´m the new owner! hihi

That´s all xoxo

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

Outfit of the day

Pullover: Boss orange

Rest: No name

It´s autumn, but I´m still not at the point to pick out all of my winter clothes and exchange my whole wardrobe. I´m missing the summer just yet..

I bought these shoes at a national store (Deichmann).

I meant to see a Givenchy - Rick Owens - Mix that I cannot leave at it´s place.


Have a nice day!