Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Yes, I can!

One year before I couldn´t believe that now, in this moment, I am holding my diploma in hands!
We had a nice lunch in the new local Columbia Hotel. Unfortunately the gourmet restaurant Marc O´Polo just opens for dinner, so we had to be pleased with the "Harbour View", the second, "ordinary" restaurant of the hotel:

Pasta squares filled with veal shank

Saddle of lamb with a mustard-shallots-crackling, tomatojus and pestognocchi

Dessert: Cremé bruleé with sweet woodruff

Cremé of white chocolate with raspberries

The guys are smoking way too much: "Oh honeys, we´ll just grap some fresh air.. in the Davidoff Lounge!"

My parents gave me this Ebel Classic watch: the Roman clock-face stands for my third foreign language, Latin (of course there had to be a scholastic theme in this gift), and the nacre reflects my Philippine origin on my mother´s side, and the fact that my Dad chose the watch did his bit. I love this gift so much already and can´t wait to wear it!

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