Montag, 20. April 2009

My great life

After sighting my recent posts I thought: "People must think that you´re a superficial girl, just shopping shoes and clothes, everything´s positive and she has to hide something!"

Of course I´m not shopping all day, I´m working really hard, not just to mention the hard manual work, but also carrying a heavy responsibility for our employees I have to take care of. And besides I only have a few days left for my diploma thesis which I should work on right now.

Here are some boring pics of my daily life, at all times with a wink! ;o)

My bf Adamo in an original German look - slippers with socks - barbequeing

This pic is one of my favourites:

During an event in our restaurant Adamo and me are having an romantic candle light dinner like two straying cats a lá Lady and the tramp (Susi und Strolch)

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