Donnerstag, 30. April 2009


It´s really embarrassing for me to admit that I don´t eat any fish although we´re owning a fish restaurant for over 20 years now...

- Smoked salmon with horseradish
- crabs from the north sea
- avocado-apple-salad with gambas

But I like decorating! Please enjoy!

Outfit of the day

When I bought this Ralph Lauren blazer from Lulu I would have never expected a blazer in such a great vintage condition. I will never take it off again!

Blazer: Ralph Lauren

Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans: Boss Orange

Shoes: Paul Green

Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Check it out!!

Hey, Leute!
Wenn Ihr offen seid für Neues und Euch eines besseres Hip Hop belehren lassen möchtet,
dann hört Euch meinen Freund an

Das Gegenmittel, heißer deutscher Rap mit Weitsicht und anspruchsvoller Lyrik!

P.S.: in neu1 1:00 gebe ich mir die Ehre und hauche seinen Namen. hihi, Word

Hey folks!
Check out my boyfriend´s new tracks at his myspace site:

Das Gegenmittel, hot German rap with pretencious lyrics and foresight!

P.S.: in neu1 1:00 I was accorded the honour of whispering his name. hihi, Word

Freitag, 24. April 2009


I had to bring my brother to the dentist for pulling off his third molars.

Since people are living in a century with cellphones including a camera noone is safe from pics like that, sorry little bro!

Due to his general anesthetic he cannot remember any word he spoke and I´m sure one day he will be thankful that I took those photos from him! Haha!

Montag, 20. April 2009

My great life

After sighting my recent posts I thought: "People must think that you´re a superficial girl, just shopping shoes and clothes, everything´s positive and she has to hide something!"

Of course I´m not shopping all day, I´m working really hard, not just to mention the hard manual work, but also carrying a heavy responsibility for our employees I have to take care of. And besides I only have a few days left for my diploma thesis which I should work on right now.

Here are some boring pics of my daily life, at all times with a wink! ;o)

My bf Adamo in an original German look - slippers with socks - barbequeing

This pic is one of my favourites:

During an event in our restaurant Adamo and me are having an romantic candle light dinner like two straying cats a lá Lady and the tramp (Susi und Strolch)

Freitag, 17. April 2009

Shopping ´till I die

At shoesandyourmom you really get designer stuff that was worn with love: This time I snatched a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer and a lovely Rick Owens cardigan. My bf is going to kill me..

"But baby, this cardigan is from H&M and only costs 30€!"

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Love is waiting..

I´m waiting for these

Tristan Blair from the lovely amelie boutique

and those

a lá Wang from forever 21. I have to mention that it wasn´t that easy to get that shoes, but I think it´s enough that I grumbled about that issue in my mail to lovely Mode Junkie.

My boyfriend shouldn´t leave me alone in the www, I´m spending all of my money in online shops right now instead of working on my diploma thesis... hehe

Outfit of the day - new shoes!

Top: Asos

Rock: H&M

Schuhe: Asos

CLICK CLICK for a larger image

For Sale:

Asos shoes a lá Margiela, NIB, UK 6, a German 39, € 70,00 + shipping
very soft leather and easy to walk in

Ich verkaufe dieses Paar Schuhe, da ich wegen meiner Entenfüße eine Nummer größer tragen muss ;o) . Wer also keine Kreditkarte hat, um bei Asos zu bestellen, hat jetzt die Möglichkeit, dieses traumhafte Paar zu ergattern!