Samstag, 28. März 2009

Outfit of the day - New shoes!

May I introduce you my new bff .. for the time..

Outfit of the day:

Pullover: boss orange

Leggings: topshop

sandals: miu miu

I cannot show you my face, I didn´t put make up on and I´m awake ´til morning for some days now and just sleep a few hours due to my diploma thesis. 4 weeks to go..



  1. love the shoes. ;) reminds me of the lv ones that are way outta my budget.

  2. I died when i saw your shoes. They're really beautiful and ultra chic. And your leggings is pretty damn hot! Never fail to impress me with you're always look so0o0o0o0o pretty. *hype hype hype!