Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Our church wedding in the Philippines

Finally I will show you guys a slideshow of photos taken by our wedding photographer Jaja Samaniego.

The preparation was in Midas Hotel (former Hyatt) near Intramuros, where our church wedding was celebrated.

The ceremony was held in San Agustin Church, a church as old as Manila (1571) and such a wonderful and gorgeous place.

The reception was in the Inner Garden of San Agustin with a small fountain in the middle, where turtles lived in.

Our wedding cake was made from the cake artist Mrs. Judy Uson, who justifiably is known for her artisticly made cakes!

The music was featured by Stradavarius String Ensemble, an often booked band for festive occasions.

My wedding gown is from Enzoani, the wedding shoes are from Christian Louboutin.

This day was the best day of our life, so special, so familiar and never-to-be-forgotten!

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

I am married!

On Valentines day my groom and me said YES and it is so wonderful and breathtaking.

Right now I´m preparing our church wedding in the Philippines and I´m getting more and more excited about that.

Here are some pics of the Civil wedding:
So nervous..
Let´s party!

My Louboutins!
Tired and worn out at 4 am.. It was such a fulfilling day with a lot of love and joy!

Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

Happy New Year! And HELP!

Happy New Year to everbody passing by!
Since months I´m busy in planning my wedding in the Philippines, but I´m caught in Germany.
By now the church is reserved, I´ve found my wedding gown, our wedding rings and all the small things that you need on you special day.
My shoes are ordered at net-a-porter and I´m waiting for their arrival.
My last vehement challenge is to lose some weight, at least 8 pounds!
Normally I do lose some when I quit eating carbohydrates; but it´s the coldest winter I can remember and my body is screaming for food!
Does somebody has a really good hint what to do to reduce some weight within 2 weeks!?! Then will be the fitting for my gown.. Please?

Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

It´s been a long time..

It´s been a long time since my last entry.. A lot of shit, but more beautiful and pleasant things happened the last three months:

My occupational career changed a lot: as in many posts told I was working together with my father in our restaurant. The emphasis is WAS. I changed a lot and got more self-confident, did not like everything some people did and in consequence stopped working there. This was the most impressive event I experienced my whole life and maybe this was the reason I did not blogged the past months, carving my decision in stone. But it´s okay, it´s time to spread my wings and make my very own experiences though leaving a secure existence.

I established my café in the museum I´ve started in June. By now the profitability is better than ever expected and I´m looking forward to the next season. Most of the employees there are adorable and especially the Christmas staff party was great!

Our wedding plans got more and more concrete, but I still cannot tell which choices regarding to the dresses and rings I made. Next week I´m going to try some Vera Wang pieces, hoping that I can afford some of them. Yes, I know: cancel the luxe edition!!

To this day the plan is to marry in Germany and the Philippines, the first phase of interviews with the priest are successfully made.

I hope that this post helps me to find my joy that I felt before while blogging.
Preparing my Karaoke party in my café.. Booties: Aldo London

During the Christmas staff party the official part in a museum in the north of Germany.
Jacket: Peuterey
Dress: more and more
Jeans: 7 for all mankind
Wedges: Aldo
Doctor´s bag: DKNY
Ear muffs: Burberry
Checking the possibility of a nice shoe cabinet!
"Feuerzangenbowle" - brandy punch - "Whhhhooooooaaaa"

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

When I first saw the new campaign of Codello in a magazine I was thinking the whole day what made this girl look so likable..

And then I got the intuition: The model looks like Tami Stronach, the Childlike Empress from the Neverending Story.. I loove memories of my childhood..

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Hi hi hi... Welcome!

... der letzte Satz... das bin ich

... the last sentence... that´s me

That´s what I did the last months and weeks: Help planning our new café and equipping this whole thing. On June 24th 2010 was the Grand oppening:

You´re welcome!

Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Weißt Du noch - damals?..

Die Landesbühne Niedersachsen bewirbt bereits ihr Theaterstück für den März 2011:

Woyzeck von Georg Büchner

Als unsere Schulklasse dieses Theaterstück besuchte, wurden wir von unserer damaligen Lehrerin begleitet. Die Anfangsszene begann mit einem nackten Woyzeck im Glaskasten, der über die Bühne gezogen wurde.

Alle Blicke fielen auf unsere Lehererin: Denn sie war Nonne! ;o)

Our local theatre is promoting the upcoming play for next year: Georg Büchner´s Woyzeck.
I remember when I went to that play with my class some years ago:
The character Woyzeck was pulled across the stage in a glass case, mother-naked.

All glances and glimpses went to our woman teacher: She was a nun! ;o)


I´m still missing my long hair:The reactions are splitted. On the one hand I allegedly look younger (?), on the other people say that I was a rarely person on whom extra long hair looked good on..

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010


I´ve cut my hair, I really did it. After ten years with extra-long hair I went to the hairdresser of my trust and let him cut! I think half of the length is lost.. or am I rid of it?!

Still I´m not sure if I´m pleased with the result or just want to cry.. ;o)

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Eshramo in Bad Zwischahn

Today we went to the Eshramo in Bad Zwischenahn, approximately 40 km from Wilhelmshaven away. The service was really fantastic ( I know what I´m talking about!), the wine was great and the menu at this evening offered everything we could desire.

We truly had some awesome dinner!:

wild garlic soup with some lamb - fried goat cheese with filet of a quail and some pieplant

organic beef with corn and calf cheek - Saltimbocca of a calf with chanterelles

variation of desserts

Due to Adamo not one bit of photographing was allowed :o(
but here´s my outfit at home ;o)

Dress: Sinéquanone

Jeans: Boss Orange

Sandals: miu miu